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About Us

Broadreach Logistics is a new idea in the automobile transportation industry. It brings together the efficiency and cost effectiveness of a truck transport with the high level of service and communication of a "proservice" (one car, one driver) transport. This unique hybrid of best possible service with competitive rates can only be achieved by Broadreach's philosophy of constant communication.

At Broadreach, we communicate daily at every level of the transport. Emails for each order go out to our customers on a daily basis updating them on the progress. The shipping and receiving contacts both get phone calls (and e-mails) on a daily basis updating them on the schedule, until the car has been delivered or picked up. We also require a truck driver's cell phone number. Something so simple, yet passed over by most transportation companies. This allows the most accurate information and ETAs possible. We understand that communication is the key to success in the transportation industry.

Also, Broadreach Logistics is in operation 24/7/365. Problems do not confine themselves to an 8-5 work day, so why should a transportation company quit at 5pm? A problem is best solved when it arises, so if you call Broadreach Logistics, someone will always answer the phone, or get back to you immediately.

With Broadreach's philosophy and its experience in all aspects of transportation and logistics, you can expect the best.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!